About Me

I'm a Fun loving guy with a great sense of humour & everyone feels comfortable relaxed & safe in my care from the moment they meet me.

I am a fully Qualified Sports Remedial Massage Therapist, with a Martial Arts up bringing which allows me to flow around the body in great detail around every joint, bump & groove of our skeletal system. With just the right pressure & with pinpoint accuracy on every sore point. Most therapists use their thumbs for nearly everything, (which is a short career) & never get confident with their elbows, which is needed to perform Deep Tissue Treatments correctly. I work smart & transfer my body weight to produce the desired pressure over using muscle force to work deeper.

I have my full Diploma of Sports Remedial Therapy's, & have worked with Professors at the Brisbane University Wet lab on the human body in great detail & on more than 1 occasion. So U are in very safe  & skilled hands indeed. I have saved a marriage, prevented a suicide & prevented surgury in 2 clients of mine through massage. I also spun the Gold Coast Hospital Neurological ward out when I helped get a client of mine back on his feet after he lost all use of his right leg through a old fused L4-L5 injury that they couldn't get a decent MRI scan through. I gave him 2 short treatments on his hospital bed, helping open up the nerve hwy's through the pelvis. In 2 day's he was up & walking. Always get a second opinion before believing U need surgery of any kind. I love to get results & know that I've helped heal, prevent injury, & make people feel their best to enjoy their lives to the fullest. I have also worked at a few Gold Coast Marathons as well.

We all live with a certain level of body soreness that we get accustomed too, which results in frustrations in life, fighting with loved ones, at work & on the road in road rage etc. These are proven facts of higher stress levels in our lives these days. So few actually seek regular massage treatments as there are a l ot of very average body skilled therapists out there that leave the client feeling ripped off & still sore from not having the skills & know how to perform Deep Tissue correctly.  We often don't realise how sore we are until someone starts poking around. Why work hard chasing money for a nicer life, if u don't feel the best u can to enjoy it? It's a bit silly isn't it. We all do it. So come & feel the difference I can make to your life, your body will be glad U did.

"Special Introductory Offer" -  First Massage is $50 to show you what I am all about & how flowing massage should feel like, & what I can do for you. All sore spots & joints rejuvenated, U won't believe how great u feel & how much more movement u have everywhere.

I look forward to Meeting & Treating you soon.

With Regards